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Beautiful, detailed light pink flowers arranged in a playful pattern that pops against a bright orange background. This design is elegant while also creating a sense of fun. Such a gorgeous design that looks stunning on so many different products.


Original Illustration by Dani McAuliffe


Pattern size can vary with each design, so get in touch if you need this print on a very large surface.


Each design can be customised to suit your product and audience, including the scale and some colour palettes.

Please note that all customisation requests are carried out at an hourly design fee of $80 per hour.


Files will be emailed directly to you after check out.

This file will be provided as a JPEG file.

Please specify if a PSD or PDF file is required.


I recommend that this design be digitally printed.


This design is available to purchase as a non-exclusive license, however this means that it will only be sold to one brand within a certain category. Examples of categories; swimwear, home decor, baby wear, stationary. Once a license has been purchased for one of these categories that category will no longer be available to other brands.

You have the option to purchase exclusively, giving your brand the sole licence. This is only an option is a non-exclusive licence has not already been purchased.


Once you have purchased your print license this design will be leased to your brand for a 3 year period with the option to renew upon the completion date. A licence agreement will be email to you after check out.


All designs remain the Copyright of Dani McAuliffe of Bridget and Haze.


Ensure you read through my Terms & Conditions before making a purchase.

Pink blooms on orange

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